Get Relief from your car accident injuries.

I am Dr. Shawn Andrews of Andrews Family Chiropractic and this my 14th of providing exceptional chiropractic care to the Greater Mankato area.  Time and time again I see patients "who haven't been the same since that car accident."  Let's not let that happen to you.  Call today to get gentle, effective, and comprehensive care to get you back to normal following your accident.

Shawn Andrews, D.C.

Dr. Shawn Andrews is a Mankato chiropractor that has been providing excellent chiropractic care to the Mankato area for 14 years now. Over the years he has helped thousands of patients get out of pain and maintain their health.

Recently our office started serving more and more children with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families. Chiropractic care for these amazing children has shown some great results. Dr. Shawn is excited to serve this patient population with this emerging and effective type of care called chiropractic.

Dr. Shawn also still sees patients of all ages with an emphasis on families. We strive to keep families well adjusted.

Dr. Shawn

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