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Natural Whiplash Treatment to Try Now

How to Naturally Treat Whiplash at Home

You may associate whiplash with a rear-ended car accident, and while that’s a correct association, whiplash can occur due to many other events. Whether you play contact sports, lift weights, or have fallen down, you may find yourself with whiplash, and we know you want the pain to end quickly and safely.

You can naturally treat whiplash at home (or work) using chiropractor-approved solutions that will not only reduce your pain but also complement the healing process.

Below are five responsible tips to end your whiplash symptoms safely.

Treating Whiplash Safely at Home

Apply ice to the neck

Whiplash injuries involve inflammation of overly and unnaturally stretched neck tissues. The inflammation can reduce the neck’s flexibility and range of motion and cause discomfort. Ice is a great way to decrease the swelling.

When injured, the body instinctively sends healthy blood to the dysfunction. In the blood, there are also nutrients and oxygen that promote healing. This natural response is incredible but can also encourage heightened inflammation. Ice reduces inflammation by keeping circulation to a minimum.

Ice also provides a numbing effect that challenges pain sensations so you can feel more comfortable.

Add heat to the neck

Once the inflammation has subsided, adding heat to the treatment will offer relaxation to the neck muscles and other soft tissues. This is important because often, with tissue injuries, undue pressures burden the surrounding healthy tissues, leading to compensation that can ignite further imbalances or exacerbated pain.

Heat creates a soothing effect on the body, nurturing tranquility as tensions within the neck are loosened. Heat also restores all that healthy circulation to the injury for healing.

Rest and support the neck

When the body rests, it has time to heal, recover, and restore itself. This is especially true when injured. While you need a healthy balance of movement and inactivity, you should give your neck the support it’s asking for when experiencing whiplash.

Consider using a U-shaped pillow if you have to sit up or stand while working for long periods. You should also ensure the pillow you sleep on at night has the proper firmness so your spine can stay as straight as possible.

Don’t push through your neck pain for exercise or your job. Rest when the body asks for it by removing the pressures you’re placing on the cervical spine (the portion of the spine in the neck) and its soft tissues.

Gently stretch the neck

Stretching the neck promotes circulation, comfort, strength, and flexibility, all of which contribute to the natural healing process. Be sure to listen to your body and stop any movements that spark more pain. While you may experience some slight discomfort, sharp or intense pain is not the outcome you’re looking for.

Neck stretches to reduce whiplash pain include:

  • Lean the ear toward the corresponding shoulder (for further stretch, push the head gently down with the hand)

  • Put the chin toward the chest and roll the head from side to side

  • Bend the head up and back as far as it can go, then down to the chest, keeping your shoulders down at all times

  • Roll the shoulders forward and back

  • Stand tall and touch the toes

  • Cat and cow stretches

Massage the neck, shoulders, and back

Massage is an excellent way to provide comfort to injured tissues. It reduces pressure, relaxes tensed muscles, and contributes to reduced mental stress that shows up physically in the neck and shoulders.

Whether you give yourself the much-deserved service or go to a professional, don’t forget the one golden rule: stop if it’s causing more harm than good. You know your body, and you’ll know if the massage is benefiting you.

Visit Our Mankato Chiropractic Clinic for Lasting Whiplash Relief

Our whiplash chiropractor in Mankato has worked with several patients for whiplash relief. We’ve seen firsthand how chiropractic can manage whiplash pain by treating the injury at the root.

We have several chiropractic solutions to nurture a safe healing process that gets real results. No matter your age or abilities, we’re confident our team can help end your symptoms and get your body fully functioning so you can get back to your routine.

Let’s get you scheduled today; complete your new patient form; you’re whiplash relief begins now!

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