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Mankato’s Mask Mandate and Our Clinic

As you probably know by now, Mankato’s city council has decreed that masks must be worn inside places of public accommodation.

As a healthcare facility and business that operates by appointment only, we are not considered a place of public accommodation and are exempt from the ordinance. So how we handle masks will not change.

This has been such a contentious topic that I have honestly been very shy about addressing it directly. I apologize for that.

Masks are optional for patients in our clinic and will continue to be. The reason for this is that a lot of people cannot tolerate wearing masks due to health or mental health conditions. We trust our patients to make the decision that is right for them.

Our appointments are short and we keep people spread out physically and time-wise on the schedule. We have always run a tight ship and this has helped us during COVID.

Even during our peak busy times, you probably won’t think anybody else is in the clinic. Your only clue will be the cars in the parking lot, some of which aren’t even our patients.

We are still sanitizing every surface after every patient interaction. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic. The reception area has been cleared of all toys and magazines and most chairs.

It’s summer and it’s hot. Dr. Shawn moves around a lot and is hot-blooded so our HVAC system is almost always on to circulate the air.

If you have a mask on we will have a mask on. If you are vulnerable or live or work with someone vulnerable we will have a mask on. We will do whatever makes you most comfortable and keeps you safe.

I hope that clarifies how we handle masks If not or if you have further questions please reach out to me. I have spent countless hours digging through the actual literature behind the headlines and recommendations.

Please above all, be kind to each other. I see so many people assuming the worst about each other. We need to come together and not assume the worst now more than ever.

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